Review: Your Eyes show the strength of your mind and soul.


My wife got her cataract operated on 09.12.2019 for her left eye and it was very efficiently conducted by eminent eye surgeon Dr YL.Rajashekar .  Based on the excellent performance by one and all at the hospital, she did not want to wait to get her right eye operated to gain full vision .The surgery was indeed, successfully carried out again by   Doctor  sri Rajashekar   on 16.12.2019..This is the confidence bestowed by us on the entire staff at shekar eye hospital,. This hospital has performed a wonderful journey in ophthalmology technology platform starting from fine  micro surgery to femto and now stepping in to zepto technology,  in precision and accuracy. Dr Rajashekar has succeeded in training and motivating  all the staff to inculcate the same accuracy and concern in all spheres while dealing with patients. Unstinted Enthusiasm that makes our hopes shine, everyone from reception to the medical director have rendered and bestowed the same Enthusiasm and interest to serve patients in all arena of execution. Excellence, efficiency and Enthusiasm are the tools this hospital employ to impart the best technology while treating .I was totally impressed by their dedicated and humble service, down to earth approach, and with all an effective turn out of results. The best thing I was impressed by the hospital is their transparency in all fronts. While watching the live surgery they show us the lens to be implanted as per the contract. This is really great!. I recommend this hospital to all those who desires  to get a bright and sustained vision after cataract surgery.

All the best to this great dedicated eye hospital led by Dr Rajashekar who has groomed a basket of talent in young enthusiasts to support his challenges in eye care management. His vision and humble approach is an exemplary beacon light to the entire world.

All the best in your earnest endeavour sir.


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